Health and PE

2020-21 Course Offerings


Health addresses the knowledge and skills needed by students to understand health risks and the importance of healthy choices. Students receive instruction regarding choices and consequences of behaviors that result in unintentional and intentional injury, tobacco use, alcohol and other drug use, sexual behaviors that result in HIV infection, other sexually transmitted diseases, or unintended pregnancy, imprudent dietary behaviors and inadequate physical activity. Students will also review the concepts of personal, mental, consumer, community and environmental health. Students will refine critical thinking, personal and social skills in relationship to maintaining their own health and transitioning to a healthy adulthood. This course of study will reinforce the students’ ability to access accurate health information, make healthy decisions, take responsibility for their personal health, and the importance of advocating healthy choices to others as they prepare to enter post- secondary institutions, the workplace and adulthood.

Physical Education

Physical Education, Core Curriculum, includes content and skills to support students’ proficiency in physical fitness concepts, self-reliance and self-confidence activities and team and individual sports concepts and skills. Students are provided with opportunities to explore a variety of activities that promote healthy fitness, including traditional and non-traditional choices. Emphasis is placed on individual improvement and maintenance of fitness within an established healthy zone. Students are introduced to the careers that are available in the health and fitness professions. Students will exhibit expertise in setting individual goals for lifelong fitness and wellness.


  • Mr. James Rizzo
  • Mr. Howard Waxman