Social Studies

2020-21 Course Offerings

World History

World History courses provide students with an overview of the history of human society from early civilization to the contemporary period, examining political, economic, social, religious, military, scientific, and cultural developments. World History courses may include geographical studies, but often these components are not as explicitly taught as geography.

African American History

African American History provides students of all ethnicities an opportunity to explore ancient African civilizations, the slave trade, the role of African Americans (both enslaved and free) in the growth of our nation, the anti-slavery movement, the Civil War and Reconstruction, decades of cultural achievement despite continued repression and the Civil Right Movement, including legislative and judicial landmarks. The course is designed to meet the needs of minority students of African descent to 1) understand and appreciate their African origins; and 2) trace the history of their forefathers’ enslavement, liberation and on- going struggle for equality in the United States. Students will engage in independent reading and research regarding the lives of prominent African American leaders.

United States History

U.S. History courses provide students with an overview of the history of the United States, examining time periods from discovery or colonialism through World War II or after. These courses typically include a historical overview of political, military, scientific, and social developments. Course content may include a history of the North American peoples before European settlement.

Social Science

Social Science courses combine a study of the structure of national, state, and local U.S. government with an overview of the principles of market economics. Course content may include contemporary U.S. issues. These courses prepare students to perform effectively as informed citizens.

Department Chair: Ms. Catherine McPhilemy


  • Mr. Muhammad Hernandez
  • Mr. Steven Lesh
  • Ms. Emily Loehmer
  • Mr. Anthony Mingioni
  • Ms. Kimberly Walker