Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing is our brand new program for students who want to combine a love of business and sports and entertainment. The Sports Marketing and Management program introduces students to the various careers available in the sports and entertainment industry as well as, provides the entrepreneurial skills necessary for business and retail operations.

The program introduces students to various business-related skills and helps them develop a thorough understanding of fundamental marketing concepts and theories. Students will investigate the components of customer service skills, branding, product development, pricing and distribution strategies, business structures, sales processes, social media, sponsorships and endorsements, as well as promotion plans needed for sports and entertainment events, and retail business operations.

Instruction includes Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and prepares students to take Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exams, a globally recognized standard.

Students will gain an understanding of the importance of marketing in today’s society, and will develop skills related to interpersonal communication, self-presentation, economics, marketing, sales, employability, career discovery, and ethical decision-making. Students will learn business and marketing fundamentals, computer literacy, and how to create professional business documents such as memos, letters, agendas and meeting minutes.


Microsoft Office Specialist (Word and/or Excel and/or PowerPoint)

Instructor: Mr. Ben Marx