Film and Video Production

For a long time, the world communicated with written words with books, and posters, then audio communication with telephones and radio. Today the world is communicating with video. Tiktok videos are replacing Facebook status updates. Video calls are replacing phone calls. For a while virtual Classrooms replaced classrooms.

If you are looking for skills that are both creative and in growing demand then Film and Video education is a smart move.
We will focus on the tools, techniques, and tactics that are seen in high-end Hollywood films but also the ones that are in the Instagram ads and viral videos.

Students will be able to create their own films, music videos, and news stories that allow them to tell the story of their high school experience.
Students will be able to use the cameras and video editing software that are used by professional filmmakers.

*Students in this program can obtain Adobe Certified Associate Certification in Premiere and Photoshop

Main objectives of Film and Video:

Understand how to create film and video.

Knowledge of roles/jobs on a film set

Understand film and video industries and career options.

Understand the filmmaking process. Pre-production, Production, and Post Production

Working knowledge of storytelling and characters

How students can be Successful in Film and Video:

Make mistakes, learn from them.

Be creative. Have weird ideas and try new things.

Good Attitude, remember that you want to be in this class

Collaborate, Filmmaking is a team sport at every level.

Instructor: Mr. Nic Justice