Promotion & Graduation Requirements

Promotion from grade to grade is based on credits earned.  Each class represents one (1) credit.  A passing grade at the high school level is described as a “D” (60%) or higher.

A 12th-grade Mastbaum student shall graduate if s/he:

  • Successfully completes his/her Senior Portfolio
  • Earns a total of 28.5 credits, which include:
    • 4 in English
    • 3 in Mathematics
    • 3 in Science
    • 1 additional Mathematics OR Science
    • 3 in Social Studies
    • 1 in African American History
    • 2 in World Language
    • 2 in Arts and Humanities
    • 1 in Physical Education
    • 0.5 in Health
    • 8 in Career and Technical Education

Scheduling errors and/or missing transfer transcripts do not exempt a student from completely fulfilling District graduation requirements.  The Chief of Schools must approve any substitutions for requirements in writing.

All students with disabilities in Pennsylvania have the right to earn a regular high school diploma.  Children can earn a diploma by completing the same courses and earning the same number of credits as regular education children.  Or, a high school diploma can be awarded to a child with a disability who completes the special education program developed by the IEP Team, graduating by IEP goals.